Facade Coatings

Facade Coatings

A façade allows for vast expression in the design of a building often setting the scene for a new theme or look. Facades can be comprised of a range of different substrates which all have one thing in common; they all need to be protected from the elements in one way or another. A & I Coatings have focused heavily on the protection of façade substrates and now supply a range of colour stable coatings, into the worldwide market.

Two of the factors involved in facade coating are: protection of the substrate from moisture by the primer and build coat, and the decorative and protective role of the topcoat.

A&I Coatings specialize in façade coatings, with emphasis on the coatings ability to be prefinished and dispatched to site.

Some facts in brief…

Many facades are still coated in polyurethane coatings. Polyurethane topcoats such as Vitrethane (Solvent based) and Envirothane (water based), typically give 5-10 years’ service life.

The number of facades coated in Vitreflon Fluoropolymer topcoats is rapidly growing due to the extended service life of Vitreflon coatings. Vitreflon (Solvent based) and Enviroflon (water based) typically give 15 – 30 years’ service life.

What is a fluoropolymer coating? 

Enviroflon is the ultimate combination of durability and environmental friendliness.

Substrates commonly used for Facades

A number of types of building materials are used for facades. Some of the main ones are…

• Compressed fibre cement

• Aluminium composite panel

• Glass reinforced concrete

• Steel

All the above elements can be coated for aesthetics and durability in a range of different coating systems.