Tredgrip- The Coating for Tennis Courts!

Date posted: July 16, 2014

Tredgrip… what better application for sprucing up an old tennis court?!

Or any other sports court, for that matter! Sports courts require line marking, colours, a non slip application, and most importantly a reasonably safe and non abrasive surface if any players happen to fall over on.  Tredgrip  ticks all of the above! Tredgrip is an excellent non-slip coating, very flexible, easy to apply and not abrasive if fallen on. Available in all the standard colours that a tennis court requires, Tredgrip makes an excellent solution improving the look of a worn court. A&I Coatings have had a lot of recent enquiries regarding the application of Tredgrip to tennis courts, and how many litres of Tredgrip that would be required for covering a full court. The following may be of interest to you.

The area of a tennis court is 260m2. The area behind the base line and sides can vary from 130m2 to 180m2. This equates to 120 litres of Tredgrip to cover the actual tennis court area and between 65 and 90 litres for the base and side area. We can not stress too much the need for careful surface preparation, as some courts we have seen are in very poor condition. In fact it was necessary to prime the entire court after water blasting, as the surface remained very powdery. However, the final result was excellent and the customer extremely satisfied. We would think it abnormal to have to go to this extent to achieve the required adhesion. Normally a water blast is all that would be required before applying the first thinned out coat of Tredgrip. We strongly recommend a small test section be applied, especially where the surface is questionable or trowelled to a plaster smooth finish.

As far as Tredgrip application times are concerned, it would be reasonable to expect a court could be completed by on man in four days using the right equipment.

The first day would be for preparation and waterblasting. Allow overnight drying. Days 2,3 & 4 are for applying the Tredgrip. Rollers can be purchased up to 750mm wide, which allows you to “cover the ground” very quickly. However, it would appear that a fine synthetic fibre broom will give a more even finish that a roller, although this is purely a personal preference. Always insist on one coat being applied in one direction, with subsequent coats being applied at right angles, in the same direction. In fine weather it would be possible to apply 3 coats of Tredgrip in 2 days, but allow for 3.

For more information on applying Tredgrip to a variety of substrates, click here.

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