Why Choose Seal ‘n’ Peel?

Seal n Peel is an excellent way to temporarily protect non porous surfaces from damage. Advantages of using Seal n Peel include:

  • No more masking
  • Easy to apply.
  • Easily removed. No chemicals are required to assist removal.
  • Can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Saves you time and money.
  • Extremely flexible.


Some typical areas of application for Seal ‘n’ Peel include:

Mining machinery
Filming & studio use
Construction industry
Fibre glass industry
Metal works and fabrication
Brass, copper & aluminum protection
Spray booths
Signage and advertising
Protection of pre-painted surfaces
Stop-off coating in electroplating
Glass and glazing industry
Casting moulds
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Seal ‘n’ Peel WB5000

A water-based, environmentally friendly strippable coating. Extensively used to protect glass windows and doors during the building process from paint overspray, cement and mortar splash, plaster and other damaging elements. Also useful for protecting Colourbond finishes, powder coated surfaces, baked enamels, etc.

Seal ‘n’ Peel 8000

A water-based multipurpose and very tough temporary protective coating which can be used on most nonporous surfaces including Perspex, plastic laminates, fibreglass, gel coats and most catalysed polymer finishes. Very popular for use in spray booths, increasing efficiency and ease of cleaning. Available as clear or pigmented. The bright white formula provides increased spray booth illumination while its high tensile strength makes it easy to remove when required.

Seal ‘n’ Peel 442

The original mothballing coating. A solvent based, heavy duty, high build membrane for long term temporary protection. Highly weather resistant. Will bridge large cracks. Ideal for heavy industry, e.g. mining, construction and die/mould storage.


Seal ‘n’ Peel 690

A clear, single pack, rapid drying strippable coating formulated especially for cabinetry and doors to protect against abrasion, scratching and overspray. Solvent based.

Seal ‘n’ Peel 773

A medium duty, flexible, UV resistant and tough peelable coating for protection of a variety of non-porous surfaces during fabrication, storage, transport and installation. Ideal for the marine, aviation and building industries. Solvent based.

Seal ‘n’ Peel 881

A solvent based, bright white peelable coating for galvanised and Zincalume Spray Booth surfaces. Assists illumination and reduces fire danger from overspray build up.

Seal ‘n’ Peel Release coat

For use under Seal‘n’Peel 881 on Spray Booths when a totally clean surface cannot be achieved prior to the application of Seal‘n’Peel 881.

Manufactured in Australia by A&I Coatings, Seal ‘n’ Peel peelable coatings are formulated to provide the ultimate protection for all your surface protection needs.

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