Royal North Shore Hospital

Vitragroup- Manufacturer of Vitrepanel Façade Systems

Brookfield Multiplex- Construction company


A&I Coatings have recently supplied façade coatings to Vitragroup for the Royal North Shore Hospital project. The Royal North Shore Hospital services the health needs  of four Sydney government areas which include Mosman,  Willoughby, Lane Cove and North Sydney. Services also include; Severe burns injury, Neonatal intensive care, Spinal cord injury and Interventional neuroradiology.

A&I Coatings tinted the Vitreflon 700 two pack fluoropolymer coating to a variety of colours, and Vitragroup used their automatic spray lines to apply the Vitreflon 700 onto their Vitrapanel.
Vitreflon 700 provides excellent UV resistance and weathering performance and has very good application properties.
This technology lowers the lifetime maintenance cost of coatings in a variety of environments. Vitreflon 700 two pack fluoropolymer coating is currently being used for many applications where long term colour stability and gloss retention is critical.

Some of these applications include:
* Bridges
* Compressed Fibre Cement
* Decorative Steelwork
* Fibreglass composites
* Concrete

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