New High Solids Fluoropolymer Topcoat used on Project

Date posted: August 13, 2014

vitreflon 790The new high solids Vitreflon 790 fluoropolymer has recently been applied at the Ripples Wharf project on new steel work and areas where polyurethane on existing steelwork had faded badly.

Situated on the waterfront at Darling Harbour, the Ripples Wharf restaurant is part of the Sydney Restaurant Group, offering a range of restaurant experiences to suit every occasion. The Ripples Wharf restaurant has magnificent views of the harbor, including Pyrmont, North Shore and Sydney CBD. The site is currently closed for a major renovation, and due to reopen in September featuring a new concept designed by lead architect Sidney Koh.

A&I Coatings role in this project was to assist with the specification and supply of a highly durable coating system providing excellent anti corrosion properties along with unsurpassed colour and gloss retention. The specification features a three coat system, beginning with a Vitrezinc 586 zinc rich epoxy primer, Vitreset 416micaceous iron oxide intermediatecoat, and Vitreflon 790 high build fluoropolymer topcoat.

What is Vitreflon 790?

VITREFLON 790  is a high performance, high solids two pack fluoropolymer top coat that can cure at room temperature or under low bake conditions. This gives excellent UV resistance and weathering performance.  It has good application properties and chemical resistance. This ‘State of the Art’ technology lowers the lifetime maintenance cost of coating in a variety of environments.

The Vitreflon 790 advantage

Excellent for weathering performance, the V790 makes an excellent top coat for projects situated in corrosive environments (for more information on environment classes, click here). The Vitreflon 790 has the fluoropolymer advantage, which gives it incredible UV stability and gloss retention.

What is the difference between V700 and V790?

V700 has half the volume solids content that V790 has. At 32% volume solids, V700’s viscosity makes for excellent application by spray. However when achieving a high film build, application by roller is sometimes specified. The V790 can be applied by brush and roller, with its volume solids content at 62%.

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