Macquarie Bank – 50 Martin Place, Sydney

A painter applying the fluoropolymer topcoat to the rafters.

The Atrium taking shape.



The 2014 refurbishment of the Macquarie Bank building at 50 Martin Place, Sydney has recently been completed. Featuring a new glass and steel atrium designed by Johnson Pilton Walker architects and constructed by Brookfield Multiplex, the impressive dome shaped atrium provides natural lighting to the renovated interiors below.

A&I Coatings fluoropolymer coating systems were applied to all structural and decorative steelwork, which will ensure this project will maintain its great looking finish well into the future.

Steelwork can be dramatically affected by local environment effects (micro-environment or microclimate), and this should be taken into account in the design and specification of coatings, for instance;

At locations where the metal surface remains damp for an extended period, such as where surfaces are not freely drained or are shaded from sunlight.

On unwashed surfaces exposed for instance to coastal salt, but protected from cleansing rain. See our latest blog “Steel Corrosion”, for more information.

The A&I Coatings colour fast fluoropolymers not only provide up to four times the colour retention of a standard polyurethane coating, due to its high weatherability, but also dramatically reduces the life cycle cost of the coating due to a decrease in maintenance when compared to other conventional coating systems. Simultaneously the level of VOC’s released decreases thus conserving resources.

“It is reasonably estimated that the cost of repairing inadequately protected coated    steelwork once it is installed on site is roughly ten times the cost of preparing and coating it in the factory initially. In other words it is much cheaper to do it right the first time.”

The friendly team at A&I Coatings are eager to help with your specifications, samples, low VOC certificates for GreenStar projects and advice regarding the best systems for meeting specific requirements. 

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