How to Maintain Your Timber Hardwood Floor

Date posted: July 29, 2014

Hardwood floors are supposed to look better as they age. But if you’re preferences are for a flashy hardwood floor, with little defects from wear and tear, A&I Coatings “Envirochoice” interior timber floor coatings may be the solution for you. A&I Coatings “Envirochoice” timber floor coatings combine durability with environmental responsibility. Why not apply a coat of two of a fit for purpose, user friendly, economic and durable “Envirochoice” to your hardwood floor?

Hardwood floors require special care compared to other floor types. They are prone to further damage if you don’t select a proper coating suitable for hardwood flooring. The proper maintenance of your hardwood floor will ensure your timber floor investment will look beautiful for years to come. Maintenance is a very straightforward and a simple measure that safeguards against premature wearing of your hardwood timber floor. Daily maintenance involves sweeping the hardwood floor with a soft bristle broom or vacuuming the hardwood floor using a suitable vacuuming head. This will remove grit and/or other foreign particles that can contribute to the early wear of your hardwood floor. The floor should also be cleaned on a regular basis with a PH neutral cleaning detergent. The surface shouldn’t be wet mopped, rather the cleaner should be mist sprayed onto the floor surface prior to being mopped. Other steps that contribute to achieving the maximum lifespan from your hardwood floor include:

1. Felt floor protectors should be fitted to furniture legs to prevent scuffing and scratching. Putting pads and rugs under heavy furnishings, such as sofas and dining tables, can give a long-term protection to your wooden floor. Rugs and pads reduce the friction which can damage the floor when furniture slips and moves. The wear may seem little at first, but constant sliding and movement can leave more and deeper marks on the surface.

2. Any type of spill should be removed immediately and the area spot cleaned. You have to wipe water off the floor immediately, especially if it has no coating. When you let the water sit, it seeps through the unsealed parts and may rot the adhesive and the wood. This is a common problem in homes where indoor plants and aquariums are present. Minimising moisture with rugs can lessen the damage, but if you’re looking for a long-term solution, apply water-resistant coating onto your wooden floor.

3. Avoid walking on your floor when wearing stilettos, football shoes or similar. Dragging furniture causes serious wear on the floor. If you have pets that stay inside your home most of the time, make sure that you regularly cut their nails. The best protection that you can give your floor is a coating that may also improve its appeal.

4. Consider using a rug or similar floor covering in areas of high traffic. The rug should still allow the surface to breath. Place mats at entrances to the timber floor area to minimize tracking of dust and grit

5. For commercial applications buffing the floor regularly should be considered to maintain the pristine appearance of your floor. Speaking of cleaning your wooden floor, it’s not enough to use the detergent that you’re using for your clothes. The wrong cleaner may contain abrasive chemicals that can shorten your floor’s life. Choose the cleaner depending on the finish and coating of your floor. Be extra careful when choosing wax.

6. If the floor is allowed to wear too far it may need to be sanded back to the timber and the complete coating system reapplied. To avoid this cost and inconvenience a refresher coat of E8070 can be applied before the hardwood floor has reached this point. The frequency of recoating will depend on the environment and amount of traffic the hardwood floor is subjected to.

7. Observe coating cure times of the Envirochoice coating before using your hardwood floor. Cure times can be affected by temperature, humidity and other variables, however a general guide is as follows:
a. Allow 24 hours prior to light foot traffic
b. Allow three days before putting furniture on the hardwood floor
c. Allow 1 week before placing coverings on the hardwood floor
d. Allow 6 weeks before mopping the hardwood floor

Adhering to these maintenance guidelines will ensure a long life floor finish along with the maximum value from your investment. Browse our website to learn more about our selection of floor coatings.