Coating Water Borne
Coating Water Borne

Coating Water Borne (Mild Steel)

There are five different atmospheric corrosivity categories in AS/NZS 2312:2002.

These are based on the corrosion rates of mild steel given in ISO 9223, plus one tropical category which is not determined by corrosion rate.

Category A: Very low. Environments in this category are most commonly found inside heated or air conditioned buildings

Category B: Low. Environments in this category include dry, rural areas as well as other regions remote from the coast or sources of pollution.

Category C: Medium. This category mainly covers coastal areas with low salinity. The extent of the affected area varies significantly with factors such as wind, topography and vegetation.

Category D: High. This category occurs mainly on the coast.

Category E: Very high. (E-I: industrial E-M: marine) this category is common offshore and on the beachfront in regions of rough seas and surf beaches.

Category F: Inland tropical. A tropical environment is found in coastal areas of north Queensland, Northern Territory, north-west Western Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific islands, except where affected by salinity.