GPS 3027- E8075 for recoating prefinished Steel Cladding

This specification outlines the use of Envirothane 8075 for application to Colorbond. Envirothane 8075 features very quick air dry times, and as a result, has minimal overspray. It provides a hard wearing surface and an excellent appearance. Envirothane 8075 is certified low VOC, is available in any colour, and gloss or satin finish.

Surface Preparation:

Clean in accordance with AS1627.1 to remove all degreasing products, grease, dirt, salts and other contaminants and lightly abrade.


Apply in two coats wet-on-wet Envirothane 8075 Topcoat to a minimum dry  film thickness of 50 microns.

The coverage rate is 6.8m2 per litre.


Colourbond cladding and other pre-coated steel cladding


ENVIROTHANE 8075 is a water based topcoat.  It protects and enhances a variety of substrates for commercial applications. The coating may be used directly on primed surfaces leading to a high performance long lasting protective coating system.

It is also an excellent sacrificial anti graffiti coating.

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