GPS 3025- V555, V744 External CFC Coating System (Anti-Graffiti)

 This spec is for the protection and enhancement of porous surfaces such as fibre cement board in internal and external environments. It is a solvent based system, and is designed primarily for spray application. The system provides excellent graffiti resistance, excellent UV resistance, good cleaning properties, good hardness, and a beautiful appearance. It is available in any colour, and in gloss or satin finish.

Surface Preparation:

Substrate must be clean and dry


1st Coat – apply Vitrethane 555 Two Pack Polyurethane Undercoat to a minimum of 75 microns dry film thickness

The coverage rate is 5m2 per litre

Allow to fully cure – approx 8 hours drying time

Sand to a smooth, even surface. Level of sanding depends on the finish required – typically between #180 and #400 paper. For maximum flatness and evenness of finish, repeat steps 3 & 4.

2nd Coat – apply Inflonito Vitreflon 744 Two Pack Fluoropolymer to a minimum dry film thickness of 50 microns.

The coverage rate is 5m2 per litre


Typical applications include fascias and facades, decorative columns, curtain wall paneling


VITRETHANE 555 is a high performance fast cure two pack polyurethane based undercoat/ buildcoat for use on timber, fibreglass, compressed fibrous cement which can then be topcoated   with a range of A & I Coatings topcoats.

Vitreflon 744 is a fluoropolymer based resin cross-linked with aliphatic isocynates at room temperature or under low bake conditions. It has many merits as set out in the box at the bottom of this page.

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