GPS 3023- E2160, E8480 Coloured External CFC Coating System (Anti-Graffiti)

This spec is for the protection and enhancement of porous surfaces such as fibre cement board in external environments. It is a low VOC water borne coating system, and is designed primarily for spray application. The system provides good cleaning properties, good hardness, and a beautiful appearance. It is available in any colour, and in gloss or satin finish.

Surface Preparation:

Substrate must be clean and dry


1st Coat – apply Enviroset 2160 Two Pack Water Based Epoxy Sanding Primer to a minimum of 75 microns dry film thickness

The coverage rate is 5m2 per litre.

Allow to fully cure – approx 8 hours drying time

Sand to a smooth, even surface. Level of sanding depends on the finish required – typically between #180 and #400 paper. For maximum flatness and evenness of finish, repeat steps 3&4.

2nd Coat – apply Envirothane 8480 Two Pack Polyurethane to a minimum dry film thickness of 50 microns.

The coverage rate is 9m2 per litre.


 Tpical applications include decorative walling and internal lining


ENVIROSET 2160  is a  two pack water  based  epoxy  sanding primer with excellent  adhesion  to  masonry.  ENVIROSET 2160  is an  easy to  apply  environmentally friendly coating  which  has very good resistance to most chemicals and solvents.  It is surface tolerant and has very low VOCs.

ENVIROFLON  8480 is a unique, environmentally friendly two pack water borne  fluoropolymer  coating  with  excellent  graffiti  and  chemical  resistance.  It  has  superior  UV  resistance  and  colour retention, good application properties and is very low in VOC’s

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