GPS 3018- E2100, E8476 Coloured Exterior Concrete Coating

This spec is a medium duty environmentally friendly concrete protection system that is suitable in internal and external environments. It is safe to use, and may be applied with roller and brush or airless spray. It provides a hard wearing surface with good cleaning properties and an excellent appearance. It is available in any colour and a gloss or satin finish.

Surface Preparation:

Thoroughly “key” and clean surface to be coated. Suitable preparation methods include acid washing and diamond grinding


1st Coat – apply Envirothane 2100 to a minimum dry film thickness of 40 microns. Allow overnight dry

The coverage rate is 6 to 10m² per litre

2nd Coat – apply Envirothane 8476 to required gloss level to a minimum dry film thickness of 50 microns

The coverage rate is 7 to 9m2 per litre



Garages, showroom floors, kitchens, bathrooms and washrooms, external walkways, carparks, etc.


  • Enviroset 2100 Two Pack Water Based Epoxy Coating
  • Envirothane 8476 Two Pack Urethane Topcoat

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