GPS 2067 Water Based External Polyurethane

This specification is designed to achieve a hardwearing, UV resistant coloured surface for internal and external use. Envirothane 2100 Coloured Epoxy is applied as the undercoat and the topcoat could be either Envirothane 8470 Coloured Satin Polyurethane or Envirothane 8476 Coloured Gloss Polyurethane. These products all have low VOC’s which makes the system suitable for food prep areas and GreenStar projects. GPS 2067 is an ideal UV resistant system for outdoor areas which require a hardwearing, easy-to-clean surface with an attractive appearance. Non-slip media can be added to achieve anti-slip ratings.


External Coloured Concrete Sealer System – ideal for car parks, shopping malls, concourses, footpaths and drive-throughs.


  • Envirothane 2100 Two Pack Water Based Epoxy
  • Envirothane 8470 Two Pack Water Based Polyurethane
  • Envirothane 8476 Two Pack Water Based Polyurethane

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