GPS 2030 – Water Based Single Pack Semi Sacrificial Anti graffiti coating

This spec is to achieve a coloured durable anti-graffiti coating on porous substrates such as masonry in internal and external environments. It is a semi-sacrificial water based system, and is designed for on-site application. The system provides excellent UV resistance with good cleaning properties, very good hardness, and a beautiful appearance. It is a satin or semi-gloss finish. This system is designed to withstand up to 3 graffiti hit-and-removal cycles.


Typical applications include acoustic barriers (noise walls), retaining walls, office blocks, schools, etc.


ENVIROTHANE  8035  is  an  acrylic  emulsion  which  gives  good  adhesion, barrier and film properties on a variety of substrates. It provides ease of use and VOC compliance, with the added benefit of good exterior durability.

ENVIROTHANE 8075 is a water based topcoat.  It protects and enhances a variety of substrates for commercial applications. The coating may be used directly on primed surfaces leading to a high performance long lasting protective coating system.

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