GPS 2021 – Solvent based Anti graffiti Polyurethane for tunnel linings etc.

This spec is for the prefinishing of tunnel lining panels such as fibre cement board in internal, sub-surface environments. It is a solvent based system, and is designed primarily for spray application. The system provides excellent light reflectance stability, with good cleaning properties, good hardness, and a beautiful appearance. It is available in any colour, and in gloss or satin finish. Obviously, suitability of the substrate in a tunnel environment is an important consideration.


Typical applications include lining panels for vehicle tunnels, commercial basements, rail subways, etc.


VITRETHANE 555 is a high performance fast cure two pack polyurethane based undercoat/ buildcoat for use on timber, fibreglass, compressed fibrous cement which can then be topcoated   with a range of A & I Coatings topcoats.

VITRETHANE  644  is  a  two  pack  premium  quality  high  performance polyurethane  based  on  reactive  acrylic  crosslinked  with  aliphatic  isocyanates  at  room  temperature  or  under  low  bake conditions.  V644  has  been  formulated  with  a  high  standard  of  weathering  resistance  and  pigmented  using  the  most durable pigments available to exhibit excellent chemical and graffiti resistance and very good exterior durability.

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