GPS 2018- V555, V700 External CFC Coating System (Facade Coatings)

This spec is for the protection and enhancement of porous surfaces such as fibre cement board in internal and external environments. It is a solvent based system, and is designed primarily for spray application. The system provides ultimate UV resistance with good cleaning properties, good hardness, and a beautiful appearance. It is available in any colour, and in gloss or satin finish. Obviously, suitability of the substrate in external conditions is an important consideration.

Surface Preparation:

Substrate must be clean and dry


1st Coat – apply Vitrethane 555 Two Pack Polyurethane Undercoat to a minimum of 75 microns dry film thickness

The coverage rate is 5m2 per litre

Allow to fully cure – approx 8 hours drying time

Sand to a smooth, even surface. Level of sanding depends on the finish required – typically between #180 and #400 paper. For maximum flatness and evenness of finish, repeat steps 3 & 4.

2nd Coat – apply Vitreflon 700 Two Pack Fluoropolymer to a minimum dry film thickness of 50 microns.

The coverage rate is 5m2 per litre


Typical applications include fascias and facades, decorative columns and curtain wall paneling


VITRETHANE 555 is a high performance fast cure two pack polyurethane based undercoat/ buildcoat for use on timber, fibreglass, compressed fibrous cement which can then be topcoated   with a range of A & I Coatings topcoats.

VITREFLON 700 is a unique two pack fluoropolymer resin base top coat that  can  cure  at  room  temperature  or  under  low  bake  conditions.  Vitreflon  700  gives  excellent  UV  resistance  and weathering performance and has very good application properties. This ‘State of the Art’ technology lowers the lifetime maintenance cost of coatings in a variety of environments.

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