GPS 1280 E8300, E8075 for Mild Steel Coating in C1 Env. 15 – 25 Years

Surface Preparation:

Thoroughly degrease the surface to remove all contaminants as per AS 1627.1

All sharp edges are to be removed by grinding to provide a 2mm minimum radiused edge.

Abrasive Blast Clean to AS1627.4 class 2.5


1. Apply two coats of Envirothane 8300 Anti Corrosive Primer to achieve 50 um DFT

2. Apply 1-2 coats of Enviroflon 8075  W/B  topcoat to achieve 50 μm DFT


  • Fascias and facades
  • Architectural Steelwork etc

E8075 is suitable practically wherever  good durability and aesthetic appearance is required in a low corrosivity environment.




is a single pack water based anti-corrosive primer. Envirothane 8300 has excellent adhesion and film properties on a variety of substrates in both general industrial and marine uses. E8300 can be recoated with a wide range of topcoats to give an environmentally friendly and versatile paint coating system.


is a high performance water based topcoat. It protects and enhances a variety of substrates for commercial applications. The coating may be used directly on primed surfaces leading to a high performance long lasting protective coating system.It is an excellent sacrificial anti-graffiti coating.



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