GPS 1243D V586, V416 MIOX, V790 for Mild Steel Coating in C4 Env. 15 – 25 Years

Surface Preparation:

Thoroughly degrease the surface to remove all contaminants as per AS 1627.1

All sharp edges are to be removed by grinding to provide a 2mm minimum radiused edge.

Abrasive Blast Clean to AS 1627.4 class 2.5


1. Apply Vitrezinc 586 Epoxy Primer to achieve 75 um DFT

2. Apply Vitreset 416 MIOX Buildcoat to achieve 175 um DFT

3. Apply Vitreflon 790 Fluoropolymer topcoat to achieve 50μm DFT


  • Structural steel in corrosive environments
  • Power plants and oil refineries
  • Touch up primer for inorganic zinc coatings
  • Mines and Petro-chemical plants


VITREZINC 586 is a Two Pack Zinc Rich primer for use on blast cleaned steel to give excellent adhesion and a tough and abrasion resistant film. The rich zinc content in this coating will give good cathodic protection. V586 can be over coated with a suitable primer and top coat to achieve a very durable and decorative coating system.

VITRESET 416 MIOX is a high performance epoxy intermediate / base coat that gives excellent adhesion and corrosion barrier properties. Micaceous Iron Oxide coatings are renowned for their ability to stand the test of time, and withstand both moisture ingress and substrate movement to ensure long-term asset protection.

VITREFLON 790 is a high performance two pack fluoropolymer resin base top coat that can cure at room temperature or under low bake conditions. This gives excellent UV resistance and weathering performance. It has good application properties and chemical resistance. The ‘State of the Art’ technology lowers the lifetime maintenance cost of coating in a variety of environments.


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