GPS 1220 E8300, E8075 for Galvanized Steel Coating in C1 Env. 5 – 10 Years

Preliminary cleaning:

Thoroughly degrease the surface to remove all contaminants as per AS 1627.1

Brush (sweep) Blast Clean as per Std. AS 1627.4 Appendix D, or if not possible hand abrade thoroughly to achieve a surface profile of 10 – 15 microns.


1. Apply two coats of Envirothane 8300 Anti Corrosive Primer to achieve 50 um DFT

2. Apply 1-2 coats of Enviroflon 8075  W/B  topcoat to achieve 50 μm DFT


  • Fascias and facades
  • Architectural Steelwork etc

E8075 is suitable practically wherever  good durability and aesthetic appearance is required in a low corrosivity environment.





is a single pack water based anti-corrosive primer. Envirothane 8300 has excellent adhesion and film properties on a variety of substrates in both general industrial and marine uses. E8300 can be recoated with a wide range of topcoats to give an environmentally friendly and versatile paint coating system.


is a high performance water based topcoat. It protects and enhances a variety of substrates for commercial applications. The coating may be used directly on primed surfaces leading to a high performance long lasting protective coating system.It is an excellent sacrificial anti-graffiti coating.



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