GPS 1050- E2100, E8470/8476 Rigid Non Slip Coating System

This specification is designed to achieve a hardwearing, UV resistant non slip coloured surface for internal and external use. Two coats of Enviroset 2100 Coloured Epoxy is applied as the undercoat with the EAO non slip grit applied into the wet coat, and the encapsulating topcoat could be either Envirothane 8470 Coloured Satin Polyurethane or Envirothane 8476 Clear Gloss Polyurethane. These products all have low VOC’s which makes the system suitable for food prep areas and GreenStar projects.

Different slip ratings can be achieved by using different grades of grit. Contact us today for further assistance and technical expert advice.

PLEASE NOTE: Certification is required after application to validate the non slip rating, according to the Australian Standards.


Ideal for shopping malls, concourses, footpaths and open public areas requiring a non slip rating.


  • Enviroset 2100 Two Pack Water Based Epoxy
  • Envirothane AO Non Slip Grit (different grades available- see downloadable data sheet)
  • Envirothane 8476 Two Pack Water Based Polyurethane

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