Fluoropolymer Coatings

A Brief Overview

A&I Coatings have engineered and manufactured a range of polyurethane and fluoropolymer protective coatings with excellent UV resistance and weathering properties. Using “State of the Art” technology, A&I Coatings fluoropolymer coatings have enhanced durability, reducing the cost of life time maintenance. A&I Coatings have developed both water based (Enviroflon) and solvent based (Vitreflon) fluoropolymer protective coatings.

Royal Northshore Hospital, Northshore NSW
Fluoropolymer coated façade panels


What is Fluoropolymer Technology?

The polymeric structure of a Fluoropolymer is a very systematic arrangement of fluoro-ethylene and vinyl-ether molecules.

This image demonstrates the arrangement, and also shows that each fluoro ethylene molecule has 3 fluorine atoms as opposed to two in PVDF or PVF2 coatings.

Why is Fluoropolymer so durable?

1. The fluoroethylene molecule derives terrific integral strength from it’s high frequency of fluorine atoms

2. The carbon-fluoride bond energy in fluoroethylene molecules is far greater than the energy of UV rays

3. The fluoroethylene and vinyl ether units are arranged in an alternating sequence – this means that the strong and

stable fluoroethylene unit protects it’s neighbouring vinyl ether unit – just like the father protecting his son below

Features & Benefits of Fluoropolymer

Typical Applications using Fluoropolymer

A&I Coatings fluoropolymers have now been used to protect and beautify almost 1 million square metres of substrate. See our Project News to view some recent projects that have had our fluoropolymer finishing touch! With a variety of generic specifications, A&I Coatings sales team have the ability to meet your protective coating requirements! Contact us on 02 4869 1441 or email helpdesk@aicoatings.com for further assistance.