“Enviroflake” Seamless Flake Flooring System- GPS 1110

A&I Coatings attractive multi-coloured Enviroflake seamless flake flooring system is a very popular and decorative finish for garage floors, amenities, kitchen floors, retail shops and showroom floors. Flake colours can be mixed and matched to blend in with surrounding surfaces, brighten up sparsely furnished areas and enhance corporate imagery by using company colours. The absence of grout and joint lines in a seamless flake floor system enhances the cleanability, caters to hygiene and provides a bacteria free environment.

The A&I Coatings Enviroflake seamless flake floor system is suitable in moderate to severe internal or external  environments. The flake floor is very easy and safe to apply, and is designed for roller and  brush. It provides a hard wearing surface with good cleaning properties and an excellent appearance. It is available in a broad range of colour combinations,  and gloss or satin finish.

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Standard Enviroflake Blend Range


Typical applications include showroom floors,  laboratory floors, canteens, jails, washroom floors, shopping centres, garage floors etc.


  • Envirothane 2100 Two Pack Water Based Epoxy
  • Enviroflake Decorative Vinyl Chips
  • Envirothane 8470 (satin) or 8476 (gloss) Two Pack Water Based Clear Polyurethane

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