Why choose “Envelon”?

  • It is impervious to moisture and vapours.
  • It is extremely flexible (elastomeric)
  • It is highly resistant to acid and alkali.
  • It creates a strong and lasting protection to surfaces.
  • It can be used for commercial, industrial, or domestic applications.
  • It is easily applied using either a spray gun, brush or roller.
  • It can be used on almost all surface types.
  • It is a trusted name in waterproofing and protective coatings


Envelon membrane coatings are used both industrially and architecturally. Areas of application over the past 30 years include:

  • Roofs and sidewalls of masonry, concrete projects
  • Steel buildings and structures
  • External application on tanks and storage bins
  • Industrial equipment
  • “Mothballing” machines, planes, ships, vehicles
  • Asbestos encapsulation
  • Bunding containers (for high resistance against chemical spillage)




  • Envelon 442
    • A very tough and highly elastic membrane which is extremely UV and acid resistant. Ideal for waterproofing and gas proofing in harsh environments. Will bridge large cracks. Provides a seam free surface. Must be spray applied.
  • Envelon 452
    • A brushable version of Envelon 442..
  • Envelon 561
    • An extremely tough and resistant PVC finish coat for aggressive environments in industry, marine, mining and civil construction.
  • Envelon Primer 200
    • A water clear adhesive primer for use under Envelon 442, 452, and 561 especially on porous surfaces. Also used as an intermediate coat between anti-corrosive metal primer and Envelon finishes.
  • Envelon Thinners #5
    • Suitable for all solvent based Envelon products for reducing where necessary and cleaning of equipment.
  • Envelon Retarding Thinners
    • Can be added to solvent based Envelon products to extend the drying time or to lift the gloss level.
  • Envelon 2000
    • A water-based high-build elastomeric membrane which is low sheen and has excellent UV resistance and adhesion properties. Also has anti-carbonation certification.
  • Envelon 2500
    • A water based, high build, durable modified urethane, acrylic copolymer membrane for waterproofing and encapsulation application. It is used as a heavy duty protective membrane and is serviceable for both external and internal application.

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