Effective solutions to graffiti vandalism

Date posted: February 18, 2015

Graffiti vandalism is intentionally damaging the appearance of property with spray paint, marker pen, or any permanent material without the owner’s permission. In Australia, graffiti is costing the community $200 million every year (refer to http://www.aic.gov.au/crime_types/property%20crime/graffiti.html ). While some see it as an expressive form of art, graffiti vandalism is widely viewed as obscene and the vandals a public nuisance.

Here are a few tips that A&I Coatings have to offer:

Apply an Anti-Graffiti Coating system.

First and foremost, the ultimate protection from graffiti is increasing the clean-ability of your property by applying an anti-graffiti system over any areas reachable and likely to be ‘hit’ by vandals. A&I Coatings semi-sacrificial anti-graffiti coating (Envirothane 8075) is a clear barrier coating that can be cleaned using a citrus based graffiti remover. The sacrificial anti-graffiti system works by releasing or sacrificing a layer of coating, and bringing the surface back to looking as it did before being hit. Sacrificial anti-graffiti systems are best applied in areas least likely to get “hit”. This could include areas such as private residencies and fenced off areas that are not accessible by the public.

A&I Coatings non-sacrificial two pack anti-graffiti systems are most preferred by specifiers and applicators for its durability, excellent return on investment, and ability to withstand numerous graffiti hits without the coatings integrity being damaged. The Enviroflon 8480 is a water borne two pack fluoropolymer, with excellent graffiti and chemical resistance as well as UV resistance. It is commonly specified as a clear or coloured system over other two pack or acrylic primers.

Graffiti Removal

Depending on the type of graffiti and the strength of the material used, graffiti can be removed in several ways. Regular physical inspections of your property will ensure any coating damage or graffiti requiring removal is sooner noticed, and more easily removed.

Some forms of graffiti can be removed by using a low pressure water blasting unit, and hot soapy water, however more often than not a graffiti remover is required. A&I Coatings recommends using SoSafe Specialty Products Graffiti Remover, and following these simple steps:

  1. Ensure the surface is clean and dry
  2. Apply undiluted SoSafe Graffiti Remover to the graffiti
  3. Allow the Graffiti Remover to penetrate the surface for at least one minute
  4. Scrub over the surface with a wet rag
  5. Repeat steps until graffiti is completely removed
  6. Rinse and wipe all areas with water to remove graffiti remover
  7. Consider reapplying another clear coat of anti-graffiti.

Other measures to take that assists in the deterrence of graffiti vandals include:

Maintain and clean your property regularly
Clean and regularly maintained property is less attractive to vandals, as it often means there is regular activity in this area, and often vandals are attracted to areas that have been hit by other vandals previously. Regular cleaning of the anti-graffiti coating is also important to prevent the build-up of dust, dirt and grime.

Improve lighting
Poorly lit areas are usually the target of vandals, as they don’t want to be caught in the act. Install additional lights and make sure that every corner is bright at night. Investing in motion-sensitive lights is ideal.

Install CCTV surveillance cameras
CCTV monitors are expensive to install, however prove to be a highly effective deterrent.

Make your property less attractive to graffiti vandals
Discourage vandals by covering the blank and smooth surfaces of your property. Plant some foliage, such as climbing and screening plants.

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