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Vitreflon 744 Anti Graffiti and UV Protection


  • Excellent graffiti resistance
  • Excellent weathering resistance
  • Very good clarity
  • Available in gloss or satin
  • Scratch resistant
  • Non recoatable
  • Spray applied



 Fluoropolymer – what makes a fluoropolymer coating so durable?

The polymeric structure of a Fluoropolymer is a very systematic arrangement of fluoro-ethylene and vinyl-ether molecules. This image demonstrates the arrangement, and also shows that each fluoro ethylene molecule has 3 fluorine atoms as opposed to two in PVDF or PVF2 coatings.


Why is Fluoropolymer so durable?

  1. The fluoroethylene molecule derives terrific integral strength from it’s high frequency of fluorine atoms
  2. The carbon-fluoride bond energy in fluoroethylene molecules is far greater than the energy of UV rays
  3. The fluoroethylene and vinyl ether units are arranged in an alternating sequence – this means that the strong and
  4. stable fluoroethylene unit protects it’s neighbouring vinyl ether unit – just like the father protecting his son below
Fluoropolymer so durable





Vitreflon 700 and 744 has been tested for compatibility and performance with Océ Arizona IJC257/262 and Océ Arizona IJC258/261 UV curable inks. If you currently use different inks it is recommended that you do your own evaluation of the products to confirm suitability or contact A&I Coatings to have the particular ink range compatibility test done. Vitreflon 700 and 744 may not adhere well to all substrates. If your substrate isn’t 100% covered in print it is recommended that adhesion to the substrate is also tested and if applicable adhesion to any primers used.