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UV Cure Coatings
UV Cure Coatings

UV Cure Coatings

A & I Coatings are industry leaders in UV Cure coatings. “Vitrecure” UV Cure Coating Systems give quality finishes for many substrates such as timber and compressed fibrous cement.

A&I Coatings first developed their Ultra Violet Cure Coatings, or “UV Cure Coatings” in 1995. A&I Coatings applications for UV Cure Coatings are all “line based” and developed for various substrates including:

  • Compressed Fibrous Cement (CFC)
  • Medium Density Fibrewood (MDF)
  • Plywood
  • Balsawood

What is a UV Cured coating? [Blog 16th Dec 2014]

UV Cure Coatings applied to products manufactured from the above materials include:

  • Flooring
  • Architectural panelling and facades

A&I Coatings have a complete range of skills available to the industry, including formulating, manufacturing, UV line recommendation as well as considerable expertise in application and measurement. Contact us for support with providing a suitable system that will cater to your needs, or view some of our UV Cure Coatings systems below.