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Strippable Coatings- Seal n Peel
Strippable Coatings- Seal n Peel

Seal n Peel Coatings

“Seal n Peel” strippable coatings will readily peel off the surface to which they are applied, when required, without the use of stripping aids or solvents, leaving the surface in its original, untarnished condition.

A&I Coatings manufactures the revolutionary “Seal ‘n’ Peel” coating, a range of strippable coatings ideal for surfaces that require temporary protection. Seal n Peel coatings can be applied to most non-porous surfaces such as powder coated finishes, glass, colour bond finishes, fibre glass, porcelain and metal surfaces. Seal ‘n’ Peel coatings are specially formulated to protect surfaces from abrasion, scratching, staining, and other environmental contamination that may result during manufacture, transport, storage, and installation. These revolutionary strippable coatings can be used for industrial, commercial, or domestic applications.

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