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Steel Coatings
Steel Coatings

Steel Coatings (Easy Spec Finder)

Steel is a widely used and very functional building material commonly used in the construction industry. Steel is very versatile being easy to transport and erect, and is easily recognizable in many of the world’s largest buildings and structures. Along with being very versatile, steel is a leading contributor to sustainability as it can generally be reused or recycled at the end of a building lifespan.

A coating over steel is still the most straightforward and economic way to prevent corrosion. Coatings over steel serve two purposes; to protect the substrate from corrosion and to provide specifiers with the opportunity to select a range of colours and finishes to distinguish their structure.

Choice of applications are between environmentally friendly water based Envirothane Epoxy primers, Polyurethanes and Inflonito Fluoropolymer topcoats, and the same in solvent based Vitrethane Epoxies and Urethanes and Enviroflon FluoropolymerTopcoats.There are two factors involved in steel coating…protection of the steel from rust by the primer and possibly build coat, and the decorative and protective role of the topcoat.

A&I Coatings offers…

  • The Fluoropolymer advantage
  • The Water borne coating advantage
  • The Polyaspartic advantage
  • Ease of Specification

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