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Print Protection
Print Protection

Print Protection

Say hello to the future of print. Say goodbye to corporate signage fading.

A&I Coatings now provide a print protection solution in the form of a highly UV resistant coating which will preserve vibrant UV printing ink colours from fading for 15 years.

Vitreflon 700 and Vitreflon 744 are state of the art two pack fluoropolymer coatings renowned for their ability to withstand the effects of the harsh UV rays we have in Australia. Since the introduction of Vitreflon into the Australian market in the year 2000, Vitreflon now protects and beautifies over 1 million square metres of substrate. These substrates include aluminium panel – printed and coloured, steelwork, compressed fibre cement, fibreglass and concrete.

Utilising FEVE coatings such as Vitreflon 700 or Vitreflon 744 will ensure your asset maintains its pristine appearance well into the future. Vitreflon 700 and 744 are used by innovative companies who push the boundaries of their chosen fields and deliver a product to the market which will stand the test of time.

Vitreflon 700 or 744 coatings when used as a solid colour carries a 15 year warranty against fading, chalking and discolouration and when used as a clear coat to protect UV printing ink can be expected to prevent colour change in the ink in excess of 15 years.