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Non-Slip Coatings
Non-Slip Coatings

Non-Slip Coatings

Due to the law of gravity, slip resistance is imperative for many floor surfaces. Non slip coatings play a huge part in providing safe access to floors, paths, walkways, courts and areas subjected to regular foot traffic.  Specific non-slip ratings are often required for floors in workplaces and areas open to public. In Australia, the standard reference point in this regard is the Australian Standard Hand Book 197 – An Introductory Guide to the Slip Resistance of Pedestrian Surface Materials- see www.standards.org.au .

Non-Slip CoatingsNon-Slip Coatings

All possibilities and activities have to be considered and allowed for when determining non-slip ratings for specific areas. For instance, a floor which might be safe under dry conditions, could be hazardous if wet or oily. The gait of pedestrian traffic could also increase risk of slippage such as commuters hurrying to catch a train. It should be kept in mind, however, that higher non-slip ratings tend to decrease cleanability and careful consideration should therefore be taken with respect to the purpose of the floor and its ongoing maintenance

A&I Coatings have a range of options with our non slip coatings. Tredgrip is a water based non slip coating that is ideal for domestic and light commercial applications. In addition to Tredgrip, A&I Coatings can supply non-slip additives to apply into our epoxy and polyurethanes . Select from the below non slip coating specifications, or contact us  for further help with your non slip coating requirements. More information is also available in our FAQs .