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Membrane Coatings
Membrane Coatings

Membrane Coatings

Envelon – A range of tough flexible elastomeric membrane coatings, that provide permanent protection against water, dust, corrosion, abrasion and gases.

The A&I Coatings brand ”Envelon” is a range of Polymeric Vinyl Coatings that provide protection to various substrates in two different ways; by forming tough, flexible films with extremely low water-vapour transmission rates, the Envelon membrane coatings stop substrate corrosion caused by electrolytic action or the presence of water borne oxygen. In addition, the Envelon membrane coatings unusually thick film provides physical protection against surface damage, abrasion, or movement.  Envelon membrane coatings have proven that they provide a high degree of protection against acid and alkali attack.

The Envelon range of advanced, permanent, and elastomeric membrane coatings can be used for a wide range of commercial dustproofing, gasproofing, waterproofing and enveloping applications. Envelon membrane coatings are formulated for outstanding performance, and can be applied to various substrates like metals, concrete, stone, compressed board, fibreglass and timber.

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