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GPS 3029- E8480 for recoating prefinished Steel Cladding

This specification outlines the use of Enviroflon 8480 for application to Colorbond. Enviroflon 8480 is a water borne two pack fluoropolymer coating featuring excellent long term UV stability and colour retention. Enviroflon 8480 also provides a hard wearing surface, an excellent appearance and excellent graffiti resistance. Enviroflon 8480 is available in any colour, and a gloss or satin finish.

Surface Preparation:

Clean in accordance with AS1627.1 to remove all degreasing products, grease, dirt, salts and other contaminants and lightly abrade.


Apply in two coats wet-on-wet Envirothane 8474 Topcoat to a minimum dry film thickness of 50 microns.

The coverage rate is 8m2 per litre.


  • Colourbond cladding, and other pre-finished steel cladding


ENVIROFLON  8480 is a unique, environmentally friendly two pack water borne  fluoropolymer  coating  with  excellent  graffiti  and  chemical  resistance.  It  has  superior  UV  resistance  and  colour retention, good application properties and is very low in VOC’s