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GPS 3020- E4001, E4110 and V638 External Concrete Coating

This spec is a heavy duty concrete protection system that is suitable in moderate to severe internal or external environments. It may be applied with roller and brush or airless spray. It provides a hard wearing surface with good cleaning properties and an excellent appearance. It is available in any colour, and comes with a gloss finish.

Surface Preparation:

Thoroughly “key” and clean surface to be coated. Suitable preparation methods include acid washing and diamond grinding


1st Coat – apply Enviroset 4001 Epoxy Penetrating Primer to a minimum dry film thickness of 100 microns. Allow overnight dry.

The coverage rate is 5-10m² per litre

2nd Coat – apply Enviroset 4110 Heavy Duty Topcoat to a minimum dry film thickness of 170 microns.

The coverage rate is 4-6 m² per litre

3rd Coat – apply Vitrethane 638 Heavy Duty Polyurethane Topcoat to a minimum dry film thickness of 95 microns.

The coverage rate is 5-7 m² per litre



Concrete floors in factories, warehouses, jails, washroom floors and walls, shopping centres, external carparks


  • Enviroset 4001 Two Pack 100% Solid Epoxy Penetrating Primer
  • Enviroset 4110 Two Pack Pigmented Solvent Free Epoxy Coating
  • Vitrethane 638 Two Pack Polyurethane High Build Floor Coating