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GPS 2014 Water based Heavy Duty Fluoropolymer Anti graffiti coating

This spec is to achieve a very durable anti-graffiti coating on concrete in internal and external environments. It is a water based system, and is designed for both pre-finished or on-site application. The system provides excellent UV resistance with good cleaning properties, good hardness, and a beautiful appearance. In addition, it features very low dirt retention and may be used as an anti-carbonation coating system. The system is available in any colour, and in gloss or satin finish.


Typical applications include vehicle tunnels, acoustic barriers (noise walls), fascias and facades, decorative columns, curtain wall paneling, etc


ENVIROSET 2150 is a two pack water borne epoxy coating with very low moisture vapour transfer, good adhesion, high hydrostatic pressure resistance and good hardness.

ENVIROFLON  8480 is a unique, environmentally friendly two pack water borne  fluoropolymer  coating  with  excellent  graffiti  and  chemical  resistance.  It  has  superior  UV  resistance  and  colour retention, good application properties and is very low in VOC’s