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GPS 2007 – Solvent based Epoxy/ Fluoropolymer (V580/590 + IA20/IA44)

This spec is for the long term protection and decoration of galvanized and mild steel in general industrial and commercial enviroments. It provides excellent corrosion and UV resistance. It is available in any colour, and semi-gloss or satin finish.

This spec is ideal in areas of high or extreme UV exposure.


Typical applications include structural and architectural  steelwork, awnings, sunshades, etc. This spec has been used extensively on  Railway Station steelwork throughout NSW.



  • Vitrethane 580 Epoxy Primer or
  • Vitrethane 590 High Build Epoxy Primer
  • Inflonito IA20 Fluoropolymer Topcoat or
  • Inflonito IA44 Anti graffiti Fluoropolymer Topcoat