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GPS 1284A E2300, E2100MIOX, E8480 for Mild Steel Coating in C5 Env. 2 – 5 Years

Surface Preparation:

Thoroughly degrease the surface to remove all contaminants as per AS 1627.1

All sharp edges are to be removed by grinding to provide a 2mm minimum radiused edge.

Abrasive Blast Clean to AS1627.4 class 2.5


1. Apply first Coat of Envirothane 2400 Zinc Rich Primer to achieve 75 um DFT

2. Apply two coats of Envirothane 2100 MIOX wet on wet to achieve 200 um DFT

3. Apply 1-2 coats of Enviroflon 8480 W/B Fluoropolymer topcoat to achieve 50μm DFT


  • Wind turbines
  • High capital cost structures
  • Bridges and acoustic barriers
  • Chemical plants

E8480 is suitable practically wherever excellent chemical resistance with excellent durability and aesthetic appearance is required.



ENVIROPHOS 2300 is a water based, environmentally friendly two pack zinc phosphate primer for mild steel, hot dipped gal and zinc plated steel. This product exhibits excellent anti-corrosive properties, is fast drying and has very good resistance to abrasion and impact damage. E2300 commonly forms the primer or intermediate coat in medium to heavy duty coating specifications, in conjunction with an ENVIROTHANE Topcoat.

ENVIROSET 2100 MIOX is a two component high performance epoxy Micaceous iron oxide coating. When used as an intermediate coat it provides an excellent corrosion barrier. Fast dry characteristics are especially beneficial for early handling when applied as a same day multicoat system, even under low temperature conditions. The high solids and low VOC nature is ideal for both industrial and marine environments.Enviroset 2100 has been formulated to suit both spray or brush applications.

ENVIROFLON 8480 is an environmentally friendly two pack water borne fluoropolymer based topcoat which gives excellent UV resistance and weathering performance. It has good application properties and chemical resistance. E8480 is very tough and graffiti resistant.