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GPS 1007 Water based Heavy Duty Fluoropolymer Steel Coating

Heavy duty environmentally friendly Spec for exterior steelwork.


Exterior steelwork for protection and ultimate durability.


The aim of this project was to restore the exterior of a corroded steel storage tank. This was undertaken as a research and development project in order to assess the ease of use of the water based coating system and the long term viability of releasing these products to the market.

The tank coating project was done in conjunction with QUV accelerated weathering tests and salt spray chamber testing in order to provide a comparison with well-respected solvent based coatings currently on the market.


  • Envirothane 2300 Two Pack Water Based Epoxy Primer
  • Envirothane 2100 MIOX Two Pack Water Based Epoxy Barrier coat
  • Envirothane 8480 Two Pack Water Based Fluoropolymer