Innovative ways to use “Seal n Peel” Coatings | A&I Coatings

Date posted: February 11, 2015

Seal n Peel, a peelable coating that is only limited by the imagination of the applicator for its use, has proved to be a huge success as a temporary protective coating. From the temporary protection of glass, aluminium and stainless steel in the window manufacturing industry, to the protection of steel machinery parts in mining, Seal n Peel is a revolutionary product that sets itself apart from the traditional plastic film wrap and masking tape with its ease of application and minimal material waste.

‘Mothballing’- Since the 1960’s, Seal n Peel has been used extensively for ‘mothballing’, and has serviced the RAAF with exemplary success, including the entire mothballing of Hercules aircraft (pictured below) at RAAF Base at Point Cook, Victoria. When it comes time for the Hercules to be repositioned into its own hanger, the Seal n Peel will be peeled away, and expose the original surface in pristine condition, free of corrosion, environmental pollution and degradation.

Seal n Peel Mothballed Hercules

Automotive - Seal n Peel coatings are now extensively being used in the automotive industry, with companys offering tinted ‘car kits’ allowing anyone to change the colour of their car temporarily! If you tire from one colour, simply peel it off and try another. Roland Graf’s Auto Centre in North Queensland use the clear protective water borne Seal n Peel WB8000 for protecting their truck cabs from getting dirty and scratched in the tough climate they have to endure.

Machinery parts- Seal n Peel 442, 452 and OGS, the simple solution for the long term storage of critical spares, mining machinery, castings, moulds, tooling, architectural brass, cropper and aluminium.

Never be caught out again with the expensive problem of only having a degraded spare part on hand.

Seal ‘n’ Peel can be applied to a wide range of metal and other non-porous substrates. Seal ‘n’ Peel creates an impervious paint film which protects the substrate from corrosion, UV rays, abrasion damage and some mechanical impact. The film can then be peeled away years later to reveal a machine, part or component maintained in pristine condition.

Seal ‘n’ Peel is easily applied with an airless spray machine or an air assisted spray gun and being a single pack product, is very user friendly as there are no pot life times that need to be adhered to.

Spray Booths – Seal n Peel WB8000 is an excellent product for protecting spray booths. When it comes time to maintain and clean the booth, the Seal n Peel is extremely quick and easy to remove, takeing away the messy process of waterblasting. The Seal n Peel remains very flexible, with the ability to withstand excessive overspray build up. We recommend a periodic maintenance cycle of 3 months. Seal n Peel WB8000 is available in clear for protecting lighting, and bright white to enhance luminosity within the booth.

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