Coating Your Concrete Floor

Date posted: June 24, 2014

Coating Your Concrete Floor

Concrete coatings and concrete sealers offer many benefits over an untreated concrete floor. If you’re a business owner or warehouse manager, understanding the importance of a coating on your concrete floor, is imperative.

What are the benefits of a floor coating?

There is a general misconception that a floor coating is applied purely for aesthetical purposes. Whilst aesthetics may be a popular reason for coating showroom floors, shopping centre floors and garages, a concrete coating is also applied to protect the substrate.

Why does concrete need protection?

The answer is simple. Whilst a very tough building material, concrete isn’t indestructible. The material has its own collection of weaknesses, and will wear and tear like many other degradable materials subjected to regular use. A floor coating protects the concrete floor from surface damage, corrosion, staining, increasing its durability and life-span.

Other benefits from coating your floors include increasing clean-ability, hygiene, moisture control, and morale within the environment you are living or working.

Coating Your Concrete Floor

Clean-ability  There is nothing worse than being assigned the perilous task of sweeping or cleaning a porous concrete floor! Fine dust and grit collect, and build up inside the concrete pores, giving a dirty appearance. No matter how hard you sweep, you still can’t get it back to a clean, fresh look. This is where a high build epoxy floor coating excels! With a gloss sheen on your floor, pushing the broom is as easy as spreading cream on a cake.

Hygiene- Dirt, filth, and grime build up in your concrete floor is a sure attraction for bacterial growth and mould. If left unattended to, your concrete floor will eventually start giving off damp and musty odours often leading to a smelly and unhygienic environment, especially in covered areas such as industrial warehouses, basements and underground car parks, have little or no natural sunlight. Unhygienic environments are a serious safety breach, especially in food preparation areas such as butcheries, bakeries, and marketplaces.

Morale- Morale is the most important within a workplace environment. Any business consultant will tell you that when morale is low, productivity is also low. When a well maintained floor is kept swept and clean, it is a known fact this caters to a psychological boost in morale. Your employees will respect and enjoy working within this clean environment.

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Our team of dedicated chemists have perfected a range of water borne low VOC floor coatings, that can meet various specifications for clear or coloured, high or low sheen and non slip or glossy finishes to concrete floors. We have supplied hundreds of concrete coating projects all over Melbourne and Sydney. We have seen the final product in every setting imaginable. From garages, to huge industrial warehouses and shopping centres. We can attest that with proper maintenance, coatings can make any workplace or facility look professional, boosting productivity and morale.

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